Sunday, January 9, 2011

January Meeting

January was for mittens, and by Sunday 4 days later, I had fingerless mittens done! I need to start another pair, so I will check in when those are done. the pattern was fetching!

Connie, Dennis and Naomi (this picture is a perfect example of why I stay behind the camera at the meetings!)

Sally and Sharon

Joyce, Jane, Verilette and Nancy

Hats from last month! Made by Jane, Connie, Sally and Dennis. Sally had a pair of stop and go mittens near the top of the photo, and her hat that she wore that evening.

Dennis modelling his hat.

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Anonymous said...

You all look like a great group! Naomi - Are your nomi looms (small inkle) available for sale outside of your regional weaving groups? I came across the blog about these while researching porbable inkles like the Inklette. I want a small inkle to take with me on travel at the end of January. Thanks! Marta in Santa Fe, NM