Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Meeting TODAY

Hi All,

It is Thursday July 7th and the monthly meeting of Wright Fibre Artists is tentatively scheduled in the Gazebo, in the middle of the building at Park View Care Center.
The meeting will begin at 6:30, and we are at the whim of the forecast.
We will make felted mittens, ornament size. I have emailed the list of supplies.

Hope to see you there!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Famous Last Words

the weather should not be a factor.

wow. I was so not correct. The wind was indeed a factor, cancelling our well planned dyeing evening. Many thanks to Sally who had everything ready to go, and the other members who joined us for our evening.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

June Meeting

tap, tap, hello? is anyone still there?


Hi everyone! It has been one wild spring, sorry for the lack of communication, I have a whole passel of photos to post from the past 3 months of meetings.

This months meeting will be held in the gazebo, that is in the middle of the Park View Care Center building. Sally will bring fiber reactive dyes for painting warps. If you would like to participate, please bring a cotton warp, plastic (such as a kitchen garbage bag) and rubber gloves to keep your hands from looking like rainbows. We may have some of the residents participating as well, so even if you are not interested in a warp for yourself, you can assist some of the residents as they paint socks.

Our meeting is at 6:30, and there is shade and cover, so weather should not be a factor. I look forward to seeing you there! Call or Email Naomi if you have any questions;
763-477-6698 home
763-300-8564 cell email


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Meeting

February already! The meeting is Thursday, February 3rd 6:30p.m. We will be weaving. Looms will be available, warped and ready to weave a sample. Come and join us. Bring your mittens from last month, any show and tell, and enjoy an evening with fiber friends.
Any questions, call or email Naomi, 763-477-6698

Hope to see you there!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

January Meeting

January was for mittens, and by Sunday 4 days later, I had fingerless mittens done! I need to start another pair, so I will check in when those are done. the pattern was fetching!

Connie, Dennis and Naomi (this picture is a perfect example of why I stay behind the camera at the meetings!)

Sally and Sharon

Joyce, Jane, Verilette and Nancy

Hats from last month! Made by Jane, Connie, Sally and Dennis. Sally had a pair of stop and go mittens near the top of the photo, and her hat that she wore that evening.

Dennis modelling his hat.

December Potluck

Our December Potluck was at Nancy's new house, Thanks Nancy!

we played a game with white elephant gifts, and enjoyed an evening with friends.

November Meeting

Sally and Sharon
Maryann, Verilette, and Nancy

We made hats. or started hats. A few people brought in the round knitting frames, and people were able to get hats started.

October Meeting

The October meeting featured kumihimo. I am looking for photos, but I can't remember if I had my camera that evening. Can anyone jog my memory?


dusting off the blog!

yikes! someone has been neglecting the blog!
OK, so I have had a few things to do this fall/winter. I will post a few times to get past meetings in chronological order.
we have some fun stuff coming up, a class through Buffalo community education, baby animal fair May 1st, WWKIP day-sometime in June, and all of our regular meetings.
I look forward to seeing everyone next month!