Thursday, July 3, 2008

July Meeting

Thanks to all of you who made it  to the meeting, had great fun and tried the dried watermelon. 
Nancy and Verilette were working on shawls, Karen was knitting, Naomi was knitting socks, Sharon was weaving, and Sally was crocheting the edge of another one of Sharons' woven pieces, to prepare it for becoming a blanket. Barb is the exhausted owner of twin and triplet goats. Anyone in need of a goat?
We talked about volunteering at the Wright County Fair, getting items entered in the fair, both state and county, and working on the programs for the fall. Fall also brings a great retreat, Federation. $175.00 all inclusive for a weekend of weaving, spinning, dyeing or just hanging out. Consider going, we are! I am teaching inkle weaving at federation, if any are interested. the website is


P.S. Do you see that tangle of yarn Karen is working on in the second picture? It is now a beautiful ball. Thanks Karen!

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Guitarman said...

Better get going on your State fair projects. I'm expecting several more blue ribbons!